They are small rods or capsules, each about the size of a matchstick, containing one hormone – a progestin - like the natural hormone progesterone in a woman’s body. A specially trained health provider makes a small incision on the inside of a woman’s upper arm and inserts the implants under the skin, after which the hormone is released slowly into the bloodstream. Examples; Implanon, Jadelle, Sinoplant, Norplant

How do they work?
Mainly by thickening the cervical mucus which blocks sperms from meeting an egg, and preventing the
release of eggs from the ovaries every month (ovulation) but the eggs stay healthy inside the body until the woman is ready to get pregnant. They protect a woman from pregnancy for 3-5 years depending on the type.
Are they effective?
If inserted correctly, the chances of becoming pregnant when using implants are less than 1 pregnancy per 100 women (less than 1%). For women weighing 80kgs or more, Jadelle and Norplant become less effective after 4 years of use.
• Nearly 100% effective when inserted correctly.
• No delay in getting pregnant after discontinuation
• Provide long term protection from pregnancy; 3-5 years depending on the type
• A bit private, as they are inserted on the inside of the upper arm
• Can be removed at any time that a woman wants to become pregnant
• Does not require daily action, regular checkups, or repeat visits
• Can be started without blood tests, pelvic exam, cancer screening or breast examination
• May help to protect against iron-deficiency anemia & reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy
Common side effects / limitations:
• Must be inserted and removed by a specially trained health provider
• Changes in bleeding patterns e.g. irregular bleeding, or no monthly bleeding
• Headaches, nausea & dizziness
• Acne (can improve or worsen)
• Breast tenderness
• Weight or mood changes
• Do not protect from STIs including HIV / AIDs
Implants DO NOT:
• Continue working after they are removed; the hormones do not remain in the woman’s body
• Cause blood to build up in a woman’s body if she stops getting monthly periods
• Make a woman infertile
• Cause birth defects or multiple births
• Disrupt an existing pregnancy – they cannot cause an abortion
• Move out of the arm and travel to other parts of the body
• Cause cancer

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