What to Look For In A Person Who You Think Loves You

Love is said to be blind and nobody knows what lover they will fall in love with. To most people it just happens that they get their partners unexpectedly or unknowingly. But they are some things to look out for from a person who you think really loves you.

• The first kiss spark should be very important to determine how your lover is deeply in love with you. The kiss should be a good measure of how someone is taking your relationship.
• If your said to be partner is someone you find talking together without stopping. You’re talking should sound good to each other and the words flow without issues.
• If the other person share the same interests with you. Having the same interest of things no matter how frivolous make the relationship bond well without seeing much faults in the other partner.
• Some people look for their partner values to match their parents. Some ladies might look for partner who has the same qualities as their father. They will never have all the qualities of your parent since all people in this world are unique in their own way and come from different backgrounds.
• Look out if the person you think loves you enjoys your companionship. Does the person pull you down on your looks or weight?. Love is blind and that is how it should be. The lady and gent should smile and laugh to your jokes.
• Gives a helping hand. This quality is mostly abused by most people by asking for money for a tricky situation. They might be testing you if you are a chump or generous. It might show some bit of love concern to give a helping hand.
• Does he tell you so or give you gifts. Ladies can mostly read what is inside a man heart and can be able to tell if it is genuine or not. Sometimes this gift idea is misused by ladies who nag the guy “buy me this”, “buy me that” only chump cant tell real love. Guys also demand sex or just say the word “I love you” just to tease the ladies to see how easy or hard they are to handle.

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