How To Select Your Lover In Courtship stage

Be ruthless to the persons you first date. Look if they are rude, honest, true, shouts, habits, abusive, easy to anger, if you fail to notice this traits they will not change later in relationship. You can learn these by observing how he/she handles people like the waiter, parents, friends ...etc

If it is your home or college area you will be able know your man or woman better than strangers. Dating someone you know will make you more relaxed and easy to open up to him/her your details and have a similar conversations since most people talk about people they know or events.
Study your guy or lady for 12 months. They say love is blind and can cover up many issues that seem to bother others. Love is vanity and can transcend many borders. It is possible to see interracial, inter religion, financial gapped… relationships. People just question themselves how did that happen? If you are keen enough to learn your partner then you will get what you want.
Love start to bond after knowing someone for 2-3 years. This is due to the fact that the lovers come from different backgrounds and may be even cultures. It is therefore hard to learn a person virtue and traits in a fortnight. This may takes years of adjusting to your partner’s lifestyle and expectations.
There is a perfect relationship and don’t settle for less. Move on to a next relationship if your partner does not give you his or her all.

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