How To Please Your Woman

Women have a lot of expectation from men but men don’t understand these expectations since they are clueless about women needs. Women change their attitudes now and then due to small things men do. These emotional issues can be transformed instantly to happiness if men understand how to please women.Here you go.

Take care of things at home.
There is a deep part inside a woman’s heart that say “He will take care of me”. So the man should prove it literally by doing it practically. Be a handyman and fix the roof, broken fence, broken chair, plumber the linking sink… show your supportive power.
 You cook every now and then OR get take out on your own once in a while.
In most homes, women are the ones who cook and ensure that the family is fed. However, cooking 365 days a year can be taxing! So once in a while, surprise us and cook something. Really, it doesn’t have to be a 5-course meal. It can even just be take out. Just something that tells us that today is our ‘day off’ from the kitchen.
 You put your socks and underwear in the right places.
Little things irritate us and little things make us happy. And putting your dirty laundry in the right place is one of those things that make us happy! We know it’s small thing to do but whenever you don’t do it here’s the message we get… ‘he’s not listening!’ or ‘he’s so insentsitive!’.
 You realize when there’s no more toilet paper… and do something about it!
Screw leaving the toilet seat up! Women can also be called upon always leaving the seat down, right? But when you see the toilet paper gone and never re-fill it? Dude, that’s just insensitive.
 You lift her bag of groceries for her.
No, we don’t want chivalry to be dead.
 You bring home flowers.
When men bring home flowers, it just literally brightens our day! It shows that you’re thinking of us and want to make us happy.
 You make us laugh!
We just love men with a good sense of humor! The ability to laugh at things is just what we need to lift us up from our drama episodes. And sometimes, when we’re extremely mad, just the right joke or funny face is all we need to banish all those frustrations aside.
 Foot massages! Bliss…
Sitting on the coach together, watching TV. You reach out and draw our legs up and on your lap. You remove our shoes/slippers/socks/stockings and you give a nice foot massage. Ah, we’re yours forever!
 You take foreplay seriously!
It’s really ironic that during the times we need attention most, that’s when you stop and move to the next stage. STAY exactly where you are for a while! We like enjoying the journey just as much as the destination. And, truth be told, we actually reach our destination better when the journey is good!
 You give great oral action.
Few men know how to conquer us with their tongues. But once we find the guy who can make us moan, groan and thrash about simply by using that small muscle inside his mouth, we’re so sold!

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