How To Let Go a Man or Ex Boyfriend

When a relationship is over with your ex boyfriend or Man, it’s natural to mourn the loss of expectations and the pain of separation. However, there comes a point at which it’s vital to let go of the past and open oneself to new attachments, or one is doomed to live with the ex boyfriend ghost.
The following tips will help you nurse your broken heart:
• Give yourself time to grieve over the relationship, but make conscious effort to prevent it taking over your life.
• Don’t sit pouring over pictures, CDs and souvenirs of the relationship. Put them away in a suitcase and replace them with new objects that hold no associations.
• Make a point of going out to new places (not the ones you used to go to with him) and accept invitations to parties, events and functions. The more you go out the sooner you will find one.
• Surround yourself with positive energy and treat yourself to a new hair-do, wardrobe and beauty routine. Knowing you look your best can go a long way to revive morale.
• Don’t become bitter and boring by replaying your lost relationship over and over again to your mother/sister/girlfriends. Don't carry a dead horse , so it’s time to move on and stop crying. Somewhere out there is a brand-new, exciting lover who will make that happy ending come true for you!
• Take up a new hobby or enroll for a course that will keep your mind occupied.
• Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat properly so your health doesn’t suffer while you are trying to get over the relationship.
• If you bump into your ex or someone mentions he is involved with another woman. Behave like a lady. Don’t start swearing, weeping or spouting vicious intimate details about his behavior with you. Your dignity, bearing and self control are your best allies.
• If you can’t cope emotionally, see a therapist for help
• If you are not ready to date again, don’t force yourself to. Whatever you do, don’t jeopardize a new relationship by comparing a man with your ex, or regaling him with the sad story of your lost love. He is not there for that.

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