What Women Mean When They say “No” or “Yes”

These two words still remain to be a mystery to men when women try to explain something to men. There have being a lot of stereotyping of women by men that  to women  saying “No” means “Yes” and the other way round that “Yes” means “No”.

It has never been figured out why this confusion came around since immemorial. The fact that women are said to be good mind reader than men makes a woman read a mans mind before the man can read her mind. This conflict makes the man need more explanation from a woman since may be a man reads the woman body language.

It is important for a woman to emphasize her opinion by repeating saying “No” a least twice to a man so that it can settle into his mind. Most men have therefore become skeptical of the word “No “ from a woman due to previous experience or just men cant read a woman mind that she really means no.

To most men a NO means Maybe. Some women claim their NO means No and Yes means Yes yet no man give a damn of what they say. Husbands have become more confused by their own wives due to this communication misunderstanding. You agree at one point with a woman but it turns out to be a conceit talk since she does not walk the talk.   
Whatever women say to their men may mean different since we are not all of the same culture and character. It is therefore hard to generalize that women real mean it when they say "No", "Yes", "Fine"...or just keep quiet.

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